How to see Sumo tournament in Tokyo

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One popular entertainment of Japan is watching Sumo tournaments.

There are 6 tournaments every year and 3 of them are held in Tokyo.




Each tournament last 15 days stariting from the second Sunday and last until the fourth Sunday.

If you happen to be in Tokyo in the right morment, plase watch dynamic Sumo Wrestling!

In this article, you will learn how to buy tickets and what to expect in the tournament.

How to buy sumo tickets

Sumo tickets are pretty popular and usually sold out. however you should look at the official ticketing website.

How to Buy – Nihon Sumo Kyokai Official Grand Sumo Home Page

The ticket are on sale usually about one months before the beginning of the tournament, something about 40 days before. Not always the same. Please check the official website.

Sumo tickets category

Seat typeWeekday priceHoliday priceFor how many people
Ring side (1st floor)20,000yensame1
Box Seats S (1st floor)52,000yen56,000yen4
Box Seats A (1st floor)44,000yen52,000yen4
Box Seats B (1st floor)38,000yen40,000yen4
Box Seats C (1st floor)32,000yen34,000yen4
Special C Box Seats (1st floor)19,000yensame2
Pair Seats with table (1st floor)19,000yensame2
Chair Seats S (2nd floor)5,500yen6,000yen1
Chair Seats A (2nd floor)4,000yen5,000yen1
Chair Seats B (2nd floor)2,500yen3,000yen1
Chair Seats C (2nd floor)2,000yen2,500yen1

Let me explain with a photo.

1 st floor has the ring.

Srounding the ring there re floor mats placed. They are ring side seats.

Box seats are a grid which can have 2 to 4 people. You see the areas sorrounded by hand rails. The grid has floor mats and you will seat on the floor.

Chiar seats are located on the second floor.

Chair seat S and A come with a small table.

Closer to the ring is higher in price.

How to pick up Sumo tickets

Once tickets are booked, you need to pick up tickets before going to the Sumo Arena. Unfortunately it’s still need to be done in a classic way. It has to be done at Seven Eleven stores in Japan.

You will have a confirmation number and you just need to show the number at a cashier of a Seven Eleven store in Japan.

Are there any same day tickets available?

Yes. If there are some available seats, they sell them on the same day. If tickets are sold out, no same tickets are available.

They used to sell same day ticks every day early morning and a lot of pleople made a line. However, after the pandemic, the same day tickets are only sold online.

Where is the Sumo Arena located?

When the day has come, pleae head to Ryogoku National Sumo Arena, or Ryogoku Kokugikan in Japanese.

Ryogoku is the name of area, and kokugi means national sports and kan means arena.

The location is not far from Akihabara.