Here are some testimonials from our guests. We hope every guest had a great time with us and hopefully see you in Tokyo again.

Yasushi was our guide for

Yasushi was our guide for a superb 3 days in Tokyo.
He was engaging and catered for everyone in our group of 6 first timers to Japan. His knowledge on the history of Tokyo and Japan was amazing.
And we would have never been able to navigate the train system without him!
Yasushi has spent time in Canada and speaks excellent English.
We highly recommend Yasushi as a very professional, friendly and affordable tour guide.
Get the most from your limited time in Tokyo..and sign-up Yasushi as your guide!!

May, 2023

Steve & Jennifer Australia

Yasushi was a truly wonderful

Yasushi was a truly wonderful guide and guided us tirelessly over 3 days in Tokyo.

We learnt an enormous amount from him, and his patience and kindness and willingness to help us with anything, made us feel very safe navigating the complexities of Tokyo.

I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to Yasushi as a fabulous tour guide.

May, 2023

Bridgit Wale, South Africa

2 full days

Yoko and Yasushi were both wonderful guides in Tokyo: knowledgeable, pleasant and flexible. They had tailored our visit to our tastes: design, retail, architecture, culture… and with their help navigating the elaborate subway system, we were able to see and do so much in the 2 days they spent with us. We highly recommend their efficient and professional services.

October, 2019

Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi

5 full days

Yasushi was simply superb. His knowledge, his punctuality and his communication were the three elements that made our trip to Tokyo a great success. I must say that Japanese culture and punctuality is extremely commendable, and Yasushi had all these ingredients to ensure we had the best of our time in Tokyo. Yasushi and i had exchanged umpteen number of emails and this man had all the patience in the world to make changes every time as per my requirement and ensure that even the smallest-to-smallest things were taken care of. This guy is an absolute genius!!! Thank you, Yasushi, for everything.

May, 2019


Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi
Bhavesh Shah, India

A half day

We were a fairly large group of 21 people, looking for a cultural and educational city tour in Tokyo. Yasushi was very responsive, flexible and helpful organizing this half day tour for us. Our group was split between Yasushi and Mariko, who both did an excellent job showing us around. Both Yasushi and his partner are very friendly, knowledgeable and organized persons, making this morning tour a highly enjoyable and educational experience for us.

September, 2018

Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi
Sönke R, Germany

4 full days

Yasushi was our guide for 4 days. While I’ve been to Japan before it was many years ago and new to my husband and son so I wanted to make sure we were able to experience as much as we could in the short trip we had planned. Yasushi was perfect. He put an itinerary together after asking us what we were looking for in our trip. I must say he is extremely knowledgeable. He shares the history of the sites we visited in detail and he knows where to shop if you are looking for something specific. You can tell he is passionate about his country and he takes great pride showcasing this beautiful City. One of the things we wanted to do most was eat delicious Japanese food. Yasushi gave us perfect recommendations. He knew where to eat and selected restaurants that were nearby. I hope to go back again someday and I hope Yasushi is available again to help make our trip a memorable one.

March, 2018

Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi
Celeste F, Milwaukee USA

A full day

Yasushi was fantastic. His command of English is excellent. We suggested some sites we would like to see and Yasushi came up with an itinerary for the day that worked well, plus he made sensible changes. He was extremely knowledgeable on the history of the sites we saw plus the reasoning behind the various religious rituals we witnessed and participated in. He chose a great but reasonable lunch spot too. A really interesting day – well worth it.

August, 2017

Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi
Tanya C, South Africa

2 full days

Mr. Yasushi did not perform like our guide in Tokyo. Not at all. In fact, Mr. Yasushi was our professor for a couple of days. When a “classroom” of 13 europeans were keen to see all of Tokyo in a couple of hours, Mr. Yasushi’ s suggestion was to relax and to indulge our time for inspiration and joy. I hope that we were a good classmates learning of Japanese politeness and punctuality. From the fish market to Yakiniku, from Budhist and Shintoist temple to traditional sushi and wasabi, from sake to zen and from National Gardens and parks to Sakura philosophy, it was a pleasure to have him as a coordinator. This was not only a lesson about Tokyo and “The Land of the Raising Sun”, but a initiation travel with a proper tutor explain and show the Japanese spirit. I hope that he will agree to be our teacher at our next visit. Sayonara, Mr. Yasushi! Cu stim?/Kind regards

April, 2016

Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi
Catalin D, Romania

2 full days

Mr. Yasushi is really accommodating and he reached at time. He would always do more than what we expected. Could arrange for us in the event of emergency and at the last day, he gave us a small present. That is so sweet of him. I would engage him again in the near future. He is a true professional guide.

April, 2016

Tour guide Tokyo Yasushi
Alex N, Malaysia

A full day

We booked Yasushi at first because he offered a Manga workshop for our daughter with a published artist. We were very satisfied with our tour set up for what we wanted to see for our first day in Tokyo. I use the tours to learn how to get around using the suica cards for the subways. After sightseeing, shopping, and lunch, we met his wife Yoko who helped with the Manga workshop. This was a highlight in the trip for her. Well worth the $$. Thanks for showing us your Tokyo! Aloha

March, 2016

Tour Guide Tokyo
Kurt T, Hawaii, U.S.A

A full day

Yasushi and Yoko planned a great all-day itinerary based on our interests, and Yoko was a terrific guide! Along with major sights, she took us to a small gallery we would NEVER have found where we bought a painting, and we had fantastic ramen at a place we would NEVER have tried. She was tireless, very knowledgeable, and very friendly. We also took the anime workshop, where we were able to try background painting, and there was a nice surprise at the end. We would definitely hire them again.

September, 2015

Derek L, USA.

2 full days

I spent two days in Tokyo; the first with Yoko and the second with Yasushi. They were both wonderful! Yasushi was very patient and helpful when we were planning the itinerary over email. Both Yoko and Yasushi were delights and I had so much fun walking around Tokyo with them! I also appreciated their knowledge and cultural guidance while we were together. Highly recommend the Watanabe’s; if you’re looking for a guide in Tokyo, use them!

November, 2014

Kathryn H., U.S.A.

Four full days

In October 2014, my husband and I spent 2 days in Tokyo with Yasushi and then 2 days in Yokohama with Yoko. We had a marvelous time with them. Yasushi showed us so much in Tokyo that we would never have gotten to by ourselves. He guided us through the subway system and tailored our sightseeing specifically to what we wanted to see [and eat!]. Yoko met us in Yokohama and took us to Kamakura [absolutely fantastic] for one day. To see the Gran Buddha is amazing! A walk thru Chinatown in Yokohama is a must! [As is the food]. Yoko is so knowledgeable and fun! We highly recommend both of them to make the most of your time in Tokyo and nearby cities. Being with them was the best part of our whole stay in Japan

October, 2014

Maria and Gabe from California USA
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