Another Sumo tournament has begun

Sumo tournaments take place six times a year and three of them are in Tokyo.September is a month of Tokyo tournament and...
The earthquake

My neighborhood

My neighbor city Urayasu, famous for the Tokyo Disney Land, suffered from liquefaction. Roads were destroied and water...
The earthquake

Supermarkets have nothing

We still have aftershock very often here. Stores are open, but they are running out of stocks. Public transportation...

Sakura season

These are an early kind cherry blossom trees. The most beautiful Sakura, "Someiyoshino" is coming in two weeks in Toky...
The earthquake

Big earthquake

Yesterday, on the way to work, we had a big earthquake. It was not just a single big one. Even now small ones are con...


This is the very first entry of this site. Thank you for coming. I'm Yasushi, a proffesional tour guide in Tokyo a...
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