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Shinkansen baggage rule and baggage tip

When you travel in Japan, you may visit a lot of places. You will probably travel by train since it's the major transpo...
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New Gundam moves!

There was Original Gundam in Odaiba in front of DiverCity Tokyo and also with a little amusement park, Gundam Front Tok...
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Metor and Subway day pass

It's usually not a good idea to buy a day pass in Tokyo unless you make a very organized itinerary. Each train and subwa...
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#1: Cupnoodles Museum

I will start making a list of interesting places around Tokyo which I have never been to.Then, I will update the posts a...

GUMDOM is back!!!

Once in summer, full scale GUNDOM was built in Odaiba. It was just a temporally and was moved to Bandai factory in Shiz...
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Visit Japan 2011

Visit Japan Campaign promotes inbound tourism of Japan. Basically this is planned by Tourism Agency of Japan. October is...
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