Art Aquarium Museum Ginza offers beauty of life, light and darkness-Tokyo New Spot

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I went to the Art Aquarium Museum Ginza on my tour the other day. I was interested in the photos on various media, but I didn’t have a chance to go. It was more beautiful than I had imagined, so I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

What is Art Aquarium in Tokyo, Ginza?

Art Aquarium Museum Ginza is a museum that creates a beautiful space with goldfish, colorful aquariums, and carefully designed lighting.

In the last few years, digital museums such as Team Labo Planets and Team Labo Borderless. Those are museums using a lot of huge projectors and visitors enjoy experiencing emerging into the world of art.

At first sight, Art Aquarium looks like one of those kinds. Although the aquarium’s presentation is similar, such as using dark rooms and beautiful lightings, the main theme is beauty of life, which doesn’t exist in Team Labo. The reason why some people who don’t like digital art museums is because they are of lack of life.

ART AQUARIUM is located in Ginza in the middle of the city, but it is a comfortable space where you can be healed by its beauty when you are inside.

Where can Art Aquilium be found?

The location of the aquarium is a bit tricky. It’s located in a famous department store in Ginza, Tokyo where lots of beauty conscious people visit.

Mitsukoshi Ginza has two buildings, and the aquarium is in the new building (annex).

Although the museum is located on the 8th floor, first you need to go to the 9th floor of the annex because the entrance of the aquarium is only accessible by descending escalator.

Then, the exit will be the 8th floor of the main building of Mitsukoshi, where you will find Japan Duty Free Ginza. You cannot go back to the annex from here. You need to go to other floors to find an access to the annex.

Ticket infromation of Art Aquarium Museum Ginza

The tickets show the time of entrance. You need to enter the within the 30 minutes of the time written in the tickets.

However, as of today, the museum is not so busy and you can buy the same day tickets on the spot easily and can enter soon without eaiting.

Here is the price list.

Art Aquarium Museum Ginza same day tickets prices

Adult ticket
(Junior high school students and over)
(Elementary school students and younger)
2 children are Free per 1 adult

The ticket vending machine is located on the 9th floor

Art Aquarium Museum Ginza online tickets prices

Adult ticket
(Junior high school students and over)
(Elementary school students and younger)
2 children are Free per 1 adult

Same as any other services in Japan, there official site is only available in Japanese, but the ticket vender is providing multi language service.

Art Aquarium Museum Official Ticket

You can only receive 100JPY discounts per person for this hassle.

Open10:00-19:00 (last admission 18:00)
Price / Fee (JPY)Adult (Junior high school students and over) / 2400JPY
Child(Elementary school students and younger) / Free
PaymentCash / Credit Card
Address〒104-8212 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 4 Chome−6−16 Mistkoshi Aneex 8F
Access1 min. walk from Metro Ginza Station
5 min. walk from JR Yurakucho Station